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The day was so warm that I was outside again (after watching Brentford beat Liverpool), making a second, smaller firewood rack. There's a photo here on Wan Smol Blog. I'm happy with those stacks of wood, which represent a lot of effort over the last couple of years to gather, saw, chop, and stack. Oliver asked me why I've gone to the trouble to make the racks. I explained that it's all in preparation for the new house and the fireplace on the screened patio.#
An observed holiday today, Oliver is at school, Erin is with our daughters in Baja California, and the house is quiet. A good day to clean out my clothes closet, refresh my blogs, read a book, drink coffee in the solitude.#
New header image of a box turtle. See more photos and posts about turtles on my Wan Smol Blog.#

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