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Speaking of muscles, as Dave was updating Drummer over the last few weeks I wasn't able to post to this blog. But writing that gastric post just now, and hearing the satisfying blip once the blog was rebuilt, sparked that ol' blogging muscle memory. I may not be able to run and play for the next couple of weeks, but I can blog!#
Home again after my mid-day visit to the ortho urgent care. I seem to have suffered a medial gastrocnemius strain. Hope I can heal as fast I felt I was going for the ball when this injury happened this morning. Such a perfect morning for soccer. I had a good shot for goal, and a couple of tap ins because I was in the right spot at the right time. Such fun. Injuries suck. #
The Washington Post has a feature story exploring how "Americans over 50 are doing extreme sports their grandparents never imagined." Not sure I should read it. I'm 52 and sitting in the Duke Orthopaedics Urgent Care waiting to have my leg evaluated. I played soccer this morning with the guys (a few of them over 50, others in their 40s, a couple younger) until I got kicked in the calf. Let me heal and let me play! #

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