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It's time for annual performance reviews at work, and already I'm seeing that the monthly worknotes I ask my team (and myself) to wrire indeed are helping each person to prepare better self evaluations and feedback for others. In March, I read Doing weeknotes by Giles Turnbull and that was really good. I also recently came across the cool website of artist Ahn, who writes weeknotes on her blog. And just now I found Frank McPherson's Daynotes (also a Drummer blog). Three good reminders to write regularly.#
On Scripting News, Dave mentions me by name for being first to put a blogroll on a Drummer blog. That was unexpected and nice. It was 19 years ago that I first made it onto Scripting News, first through Dave's reflections about attending the Triangle Bloggers Conference, then my mistersugar pig icon made a cameo. Thanks Dave for coming to that event and for documenting the little contributions from others. Scripting News is the epitome of notetaking and I've learned much from you.#
I'm adding a blogroll per instructions here. It may take me a few tries to get the attributes right. Well, that was easy. I'm currently showing the bloggers category. My full Feedland is here.#

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