Bae yumi singsing nao

Over on Facebook, Amanda Prasow (Bongabonga-Meriu Village on Tongoa, 2007-2009) has invited RPCVs who served in Vanuatu to contribute to a group video message to our friends and family in Vanuatu:

Olgeta – we’re making a short, free, low-fi solidarity video to share with our friends on the ground. We know many may never see this BUT there are many of our extended families in Vila, Santo, olabaot and overseas who DO (or will) have internet access and would appreciate the gesture.

Bae yumi singsing nao! We’re going to record ourselves singing the Vanuatu national anthem (lyrics below) from our wan-wan locations. We are going for a LOW-EFFORT, NO-STRESS video that should take no more than 15 MINUTES of your time from wherever you are.

Instructions from Amanda:

  1. Make a sign (handwritten ok!) with your Village, Island, and Years of Service (olsem example photo)
  2. Grab a smartphone or your webcam – nothing fancy required – and record yourself singing the entirety of Yumi Yumi Yumi while holding the sign
  3. [Contact Anton at for details on how to get your video to Amanda by March 25.]